Safety Warmer

Empowering the body's natural ability to heal



Jaspro Instruments LLC is a small family run business on the outskirts of Boston Massachusetts. For over ten years we have been supplying the acupuncture and integrative health community with the Safety Warmer, the one-of-a-kind acupuncture point warming device. We developed the Safety Warmer because there was a growing need for a safe, effective, and smokeless alternative to the traditional fire-based warming methods which rely on burning moxa or incense to transmit heat to the body.

Warming acupuncture points is so important to the practice of Chinese medicine that half of the character which we translate as the word "acupuncture" describes this form of treatment.  The first half of the character (blue) refers to needling, and the second half (red) describes warming or burning.


Due to the fact that insurance companies are limiting liability coverage for “perceived” unsafe point warming practices, and hospitals and many professional settings further limit these methods, the Safety Warmer provides the means to safely continue to incorporate point-warming in the practice of acupuncture today.

We stand behind both of our products which are hand-crafted in the United States


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